Volume 14, Issue 3 (Special Issue: Spaces of Palestine solidarity)

Guest Editor: Robert Ross

Robert Ross - Introduction: Spaces of Palestine solidarity

Anna Bernard - You start where you are: Literary spaces of Palestine solidarity

Ghazi-Walid Falah - The (Im)possibility of Achieving a Peaceful Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Scott Webster - The 'Palestine poster' and everyday memoricide: Making killing memory mundane

Ramah Awad - BDS as the baseline of solidarity: toward a model of co-struggling with Palestinians in their movement for justice and liberation

Sunaina Maira - The academic boycott movement: A reflection on cross-border solidarity and lockdown

Haidar Eid - Futuristic vision for Palestine

Stefan Peter Norgaard - Modernization through capitalization: The hidden costs of Ethiopias Gibe III Dam and NESTown initiative

Gezahegn Abebe - Debate on the linkages between large-scale agriculture and farmers food security: Examples from Ethiopia

Volume 14, Issue 2 (Special Issue: Friedrich Engels and Geography)

Guest Editor: Camilla Royle

Camilla Royle - Introduction: Friedrich Engels and geography

Baruc Jiménez Contreras - Engels, humanism and revolutionary praxis:The centrality of the dynamic analysis of historical materialism and its inherent relation to overcoming capitalist alienation

Sheila Margaret McGregor - Engels on women, the family, class and gender

Joe Pateman - Friedrich Engels on state socialism

Tanya Chaudhary - Engels’ ‘proletarisation’ and ‘great towns’ vis-à-vis dispossession, and gendered work in an informal economy

F.T.C. Manning - The Housing Question, ground rent theory, and differentiation vs. Homogenization

Prachi Metawala, Kathrin Golda-Pongratz, and Clara Irazábal - Revisiting Engels’ ‘housing question’:Work and housing conditions of immigrant platform delivery riders in Barcelona

Thomas Jellis and Joe Gerlach - An untimely geographer: Friedrich Engels, ideas and geography in Oxford

Mark Justin Rainey and Steve Hanson - The double return of Friedrich Engels:Towards a dialectics of the trace

Terrell Carver - Afterword: Reprise and reflection


  • Constantinos Alexiou - Covid-19, capitalism and political elites:The real threat to humanity

  • Maurilio Pirone - Pandemic transition:Techno-politics and social reproduction struggles

  • Bosman Batubara - Swyngedouw’s puzzle: Surplus-value production in socionature

  • Collin L. Chambers - Historical materialism, social change, and the necessity of revolutionary optimism

  • Joseph Mensah and David Firang - Dialectics to the rescue: Critical insights into Africa’s (under)development

Book Reviews

  • Andrew Herod - Spatial Histories of Radical Geography: North America and Beyond

  • Devran Koray Öcal - Anthropocene Geopolitics: Globalization, Security, Sustainability

  • Guy Crawford - The Frontier Effect: State Formation and Violence in Colombia