Current Issue (Volume 16 Issue 2, July 2023)

Substantive Articles

Sarah Cheikhali - The spatial antecedents for drone governance in Afghanistan

Parvathy Binoy - Black intimacies with food sovereignty and land in the midst of gentrification in Saint Paul’s historic Rondo

Subhanil Chowdhury - Economics and politics under Modi government: A synoptic view

Dominik Winkler - The political economy of bordering and the reproduction of borders in the case of frontex


James A Tyner and Stian Rice - Along came a spider…and capitalism killed it

Jude Fernando - The Citizen’s uprising in Sri Lanka: A watershed moment against racial capitalism

Joshua J. Watterton - Military spending and economic development: A theoretical note

Cosku Celik - Global food insecurity as a crisis of social reproduction for the classes of labour


Natalie Koch - Geographies of nationalism

Joshua Lohnes and Adam Pine - Feeding lines: Standing up in the neoliberal charitable food regime

Visual Intervention

Nicholas Gerstner, Adrienne R. Hall and Scott Kirsch - An archive of good road and racial capitalism in North Carolina

Past Issues