Current Issue (Volume 16 Issue 3, November 2023)

Substantive Articles

Stefano Bloch and Thomas Brasdefer - Edward W. Soja’s Radical Spatial Perspective 

Erin Flanagan and Dennis Raphael - From personal responsibility to an eco-socialist state: Political economy, popular discourses and the climate crisis 

Conchúr Ó Maonaigh - Cross-class alliances and the rise of electric vehicles in Dublin

Andrew S. Mitchell, Daniel Kerr, John Rowlatt, and Subhes Bhattacharyya - Developmental discourses of transition in the Indian transport sector: A corpus linguistic survey of the literature

Erica Zurawski - Materializing the metaphor: Theorizing the food desert as a sociospatial–legal instrument in the production of space


Azam Khatam - Mahsa Amini’s killing, state violence, and moral policing in Iran 

John Agnew - Is Fascism really back in Italy? 

Nathalia Hernández Vidal and Miguel Gualdrón Ramírez - The dialectics of hope and critique: Reflections on Colombia’s new government 

Noura Erakat - “A thorn in their throat” planning for settler colonial removal in hizma

Mohammad Mohibul Haque and Nousheen Baba Khan - Rape as a tool of political mobilisation: The experience of Indian Muslim 


David Wilson - Existential capitalism and gentrification in pandemic times

Arnisson Andre C. Ortega - Toward critical demography 2.0 

F.T.C. Manning - Geographies of ground rent: Periodizing ground rent theory, spatializing ground rent refusal 

Visual Intervention

Jamal Nabulsi - A politics of conviction: The refusal of colonial carcerality in Palestinian graffiti 

Past Issues