Current Issue (Volume 17 Issue 1, March 2024)

Substantive Articles:

Joseph Nevins - A tourist, not a god: Mike Davis, radical geographer

Kevin R. Cox - States and their territorializations: Class, local dependence, and how geohistory matters

Marie Chase and Adrienne Johnson - Oil extraction and Indigenous women: Examining the necropolitics of the settler state in the Bakken region

Antulio Rosales, Eva van Roekel, Peter Howson, and Coco Kanters - Poor miners and empty e-wallets: Latin American experiences with cryptocurrencies in crisis

Daniel Manzione Giavarotti, Ana Carolina Gonçalves Leite, and Clara Lemme Ribeiro - Migrations and new expulsions: accumulation by dispossession or crisis of capitalist societal reproduction?


Levi Gahman - Alienation flows through the barrel of a gun: Despair, mass shootings, and suicide in an American settler colony

Amedeo Policante and Erica Borg - CRISPR futures: Rethinking the politics of genome editing

Martha E. Gimenez - The ideology of intersectionality: Historical materialist observations

Kwame Adovor Tsikudo - Different approach, same focus: How China is shaping the future of its African cooperation through education


Tod D. Rutherford - Beyond engaged pluralism? The question of labor in labor geography

Visual Intervention:

Asif Mehmood and Sajjad Hasnain - The lactosocial at Data Saheb’s Shrine (Lahore-Pakistan): Piety, flows, commons, and the community

Symposium on Mike Davis, the Radical Urban Activist-Scholar

Guest Editor: Ananya Roy

Ananya Roy - Editorial: Honoring Mike Davis

Ananya Roy - A political autopsy of Liberal Los Angeles

Juan De Lara - Lessons in accumulated rage and rebellious scholarship with Mike Davis

Michael Storper - The poet of LA’s urban: Mike Davis

Deshonay Dozier - To Los Angeles: United in Grief, United in Struggle

Robin D. G. Kelley - “Old school socialist”

Susanna Hecht - Mike Davis: Planetarity and environmentalisms: the invention of new environmental histories from the Ecology of Fear to Victorian Holocausts

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