Current Issue (Volume 16 Issue 1, March 2023)

Substantive Articles

Nikos Kapitsinis - The 2007/08 capitalist crisis evolution in Greece: A geographical political economy perspective

Sylvia Gonzalez-Gorman - Disrupting Agamben: Beyond undocumented children as “Homo Sacer”

Stella Medvedyuk, Piara Govender and Dennis Raphael - Communicating Friedrich Engels’s return to Manchester: Arts and cultural event, history lesson, or call to action?

Jerónimo Montero Bressán - Capitalist crisis and the geography of the clothing industry


Simon Gilbert - Caught in the crossfire: The Uyghurs in America’s propaganda war with China

Carly Thomsen, Zach Levitt, Christopher Gernon and Penelope Spencer - Presence and absence: Crisis pregnancy centers and abortion facilities in the contemporary reproductive justice landscape

Jarren Richards - Industrialization in Odisha, India and the politics of scale: International grievance mechanisms as spaces of engagement

David Rudolph - The question of ‘sustainable’ technology: From socio-ecological fixes to transformations

Review Article

Valentina Gosetti, Adrian Walsh and Daniel A. Finch-Race - Reclaiming provincialism  

Symposium: Rejoinder to Phil O’Keefe’s Production of Nature Re-Visited (Guest Editor: Brent McCusker)

Brent McCusker - Remembering Phil O’Keefe

Ipsita Chatterjee - First Conversation

Waquar Ahmed - Nurturing the Production of Nature

Paul O’Keefe - Phil, Neil, The Production of Nature and me

Ben Wisner - Land Use and Development: the early work of Phil O’Keefe

Ipsita Chatterjee - Roll on That Day: A Dialectical Poetry

Tom Brass - Communication: Marxism, deproletarianisation, geographers and non-geographers

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