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The Institute of Human Geography (IHG) is a non-profit charitable foundation. The mission of the Institute is to produce, promote, and fund critical scholarship that falls broadly within the category of human geography. All excess funds generated through our projects, including Human Geography (the journal) and Radical Geography (book series) are in turn expended annually as Research Grants. No IHG board members, including journal and book editors, receives a stipend, salary, or wage from the Institute. All decisions on grant funding are made collectively by the members of the IHG board and the editors. Our ethos is: those who do the work, make the decisions. We call it "institutional socialism".

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Call for Papers - Human Geography Special Issue

The Pluriverse of Transitions: Towards Anti-colonial and Insurrectional Energy Transformations

POLLEN 2024 (June 11-13) and Special Issue.

Organizers: Carlos Tornel (, Department of Geography, Durham University, UK and Alexander Dunlap (, Boston University, USA & University of Helsinki, Finland.

More details here.

Annual Research Grants

The Institute of Human Geography is now accepting application for the 2023 Research Grants. We encourage you to check out the details and apply. While you are there, browse through the details of the past winners to get a sense of the kind of proposals that receive the awards. The deadline for application is September 15, 2023.

Human Geography - Current Issue 

The second issue of 2023 (16:2, July) of Human Geography is out! Enjoy Substantive Articles by Sarah Cheikhali, Parvathy Binoy, Subhanil Chowdhury, and Dominik Winkler. Contentions were written by James A Tyner, Stian Rice, Jude Fernando, Joshua J. Watterton, and Cosku Celik . Review was contributed by Natalie Koch, Joshua Lohnes and Adam Pine. Visual Intervention was provided by Nicholas Gerstner, Adrienne R. Hall and Scott Kirsch.

 Check out the detailed ToC of the Current Issue and also those of Past Issues.

We look forward to your submissions for the journal. Contact any of our editors to get started! 

Human Geography Publication Awards

The Institute of Human Geography announces the Human Geography Publication Awards for articles, reviews and contention pieces published in the journal Human Geography.

Awards will be given for:

The winning authors will be announced around April each year. The first set of awards will be given out in April, 2024 based on the pieces published in Human Geography during the year 2023. Editors and editorial board members are not eligible for these awards.