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The Institute of Human Geography (IHG) is a non-profit charitable foundation. The mission of the Institute is to produce, promote, and fund critical scholarship that falls broadly within the category of human geography. All excess funds generated through our projects, including Human Geography (the journal) and Radical Geography (book series) are in turn expended annually as Research Grants. No IHG board members, including journal and book editors, receives a stipend, salary, or wage from the Institute. All decisions on grant funding are made collectively by the members of the IHG board and the editors. Our ethos is: those who do the work, make the decisions. We call it "institutional socialism".

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Conference Collection

In view of the upcoming AAG conference, the Human Geography journal is offering to the public a Conference Collection of articles that are now open-access until mid-April. 

Annual Research Grants

The Institute of Human Geography is now accepting application for the 2023 Research Grants. We encourage you to check out the details and apply. While you are there, browse through the details of the past winners to get a sense of the kind of proposals that receive the awards.

Current Issue

The first issue of 2023 (16:1, March) of Human Geography is out! Enjoy articles by Nikos Kapitsinis, Sylvia Gonzalez-Gorman, Stella Medvedyuk, Piara Govender, Dennis Raphael, Jerónimo Montero Bressán, Simon Gilbert, Carly Thomsen, Zach Levitt, Christopher Gernon, Penelope Spencer, Jarren Richards, and David Rudolph. Books reviews were contributed by Valentina Gosetti, Adrian Walsh and Daniel A. Finch-Race. Also included in this issue is a special series of articles titled Symposium: Rejoinder to Phil O’Keefe’s Production of Nature Re-Visited under the editorship of Brent McCusker.  Brent McCusker, Ipsita Chatterjee, Waquar Ahmed, Paul O’Keefe, Ben Wisner and Tom Brass contributed articles for this series. 

 Check out the detailed ToC of the Current Issue and also those of Past Issues.

We look forward to your submissions for the journal. Contact any of our editors to get started! 

Elaine Hartwick

Dick Peet and the Institute of Human Geography family announces with great sorrow the passing of Elaine Hartwick on June 21, 2022.