Past Recipients of Research Grant


  • Emily Mitchell-Eaton - Geographies of Postpartum Care/Work in the Neoliberal US Academy

  • Keith Bower Brown - Construction: labor and environmental justice allied in California’s San Joaquin Valley

  • Sonja Pietiläinen - The Greening of Spatial Politics: The Far-Right's Environmentalism in Finland and Russia


  • Chester Arcilla - Against the erasures of neoliberal urbanism in the South

  • Emma Colven - Speculative Urbanism & Water Crises: A Relational Comparison of Bangalore and Jakarta

  • Key MacFarlane - Dead Land: Geographies of Life, Death, and Waste in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Robert Ross - Role of American Christianity in the South African Anti-Apartheid Movement


  • Alexander Dunlap - The Rural (Mega) Transformer: Resisting the Electrical Land Grab and Renewable Energy Development in St. Victor, France

  • Benjamin Fash - Beyond Resistance to Resource Extraction: Post-extractivist Experiments in Honduras

  • Colleen Hammelman, Yuki Kato, Charles Levkoe, Kristin Reynolds & Joshua Sbicca - Radical Food Geographies: Connecting Knowledges, Cultivating Practices, (re)Imagining Governance

  • Kany Abdullah & Caroline Faria - #SenDeAnlat (Tell your story, too): State violence, sexual harassment and the resistance strategies of Kurdish women in Northern Kurdistan-Turkey

  • Martina Angela Caretta - Embodying the hydro-social cycle. An intersectional analysis of everyday resistance

  • Willie Wright, Adam Bledsoe & Yousuf Al-Bulushi - (anti)Blackness in the American Metropolis


  • Jason Rhodes, Shahidur Rahman, Fatimah Momtaz & Zareef Kareem - Subverting the clothing commodity chain: Forging new, radical clothing connections from Atlanta to Bangladesh

  • Johnny Finn, Brianna Mayer, T'Keyah Banks, Madeline Long & Alexandria Robinson - Living Together / Living Apart: Denaturalizing 21st century urban segregation through stories, sound, and images

  • Levi Van Sant, & Dean Hardy - Protecting nature, protecting property relations: Conservation easements and the political ecology of racial capitalism


  • Amber Murrey, Sasha Adkins, Sintayehu Demeke, Odomara Mubangizi, Patricia Daley, Janae Davis, Fedaku Tolassa, Adam Elliot-Cooper, Yonique Campbell & Anteneh Tesfahun - Decolonizing the university: A workshop for understanding, troubling, and enacting epistemic decolonization

  • Giorgos Velgrakis, Thanos Andritsos, Eirini Gaitanou & Dimitris Poulis - The geographies of austerity: Mapping land dispossession and social resistance in crisis-ridden Greece

  • Joaquín Villanueva - Court Geographies: The Expansion of Carcerality in the Parisian Banlieue

  • Kriangsak Teerakowitkajorn - Masculinized labor activism and gendered household reproduction in Thailand's 'Detroit'

  • Neil Nunn - Toxic encounters, settler colonial logics of elimination, and the future of the continent

  • Rakhee Kewada - The East African Silk Road: Chinese Investment in Maritime Infrastructure in Tanzania

  • Wing-Shing Tang - The Eight Meeting of East Asian Regional Conference in Alternative Geography


  • Craig Jones - Israeli militarism and the politics of dissent

  • David Spataro - RNC Not Welcome oral history project

  • Kelly Kay - Investigating the impacts of financial investment in US forests

  • Lindsay Shade - Politics Below the Surface: A Political Ecology of Mineral Rights and Land Tenure Struggles in Appalachia and the Andes

  • Lydia Pelot-Hobbs - Contesting the Consolidation of the Louisiana Carceral State

  • Ohio Student Association - Breaking Consent, Making Space for Racial and Economic Justice: the OSA Fellowship Program

  • Robert Bridi - Biotechnological Geographies: An Examination of the Genetically Modified Cotton Industry in Maharashtra, India

  • Waquar Ahmed - Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investments in Retail in India: the case of Walmart


  • Andrew Newman, Sarah Safransky & Linda Campbell - Detroit, a People’s Atlas: Movement Building Through Counter-Cartography

  • Annie Spencer - Terminal Conditions: How The State Manages Over-Accumulation Through the Body

  • Caitlin Cahil & Amanda Matles - Suspending Justice: Alternatives to Zero Tolerance

  • Deshonay Dozier & Pete White - Shattering Oblivion: A Skid Row Black Men and Boys Initiative

  • Elizabeth Sibilia & Muhammed Ali Shahin - Shipbreaking industry in Bangladesh

  • John Lauermann - Contesting the Olympics: urban politics and the timing of anti-Olympic activism

  • Laura Reyes - Earth University

  • Sasha Davis - Global anti-imperialist solidarity networks - What works and what's needed?